Appraisal Services:

Hidden Treasure Estate Sales, llc provides an independent and objective valuation of your personal property.

Renee is a certified personal property appraiser and a member of Certified Appraisers Guild. All appraisals are prepared to accepted standards and practices.

With our experience, academic study, and professional accreditation we can accurately determine an estimate of value for a single item or for an entire estate.

Communication & commitment to excellence make us stand out from other estate sales companies. We treat each family and home with first class service, respect, and a personal touch.


Estate Sales & Moving Sales

With Hidden Treasure Sales, llc., you are working with professionals who are uniquely qualified to serve your estate liquidation needs.


Let us handle the details...


What to expect with our Estate & Moving Sales

  • Call us to set up a no-obligation, free appointment at (913) 492-5366.
  • We will discuss your needs and get a general overview of your situation.
  • During the onsite appointment we will walk through and evaluate items to be sold.
  • The time needed to prepare for a sale is determined by the quantity and cleanliness of the items to be sold. The average set-up time is two weeks.
  • After the appointment you will remove all personal treasures and belongings that you and your family wish to keep.
  • We provide the necessary equipment to set up a great sale, such as table tops, display cases, risers and jewelry displays.
  • We secure city sale permits.
  • We have a Certified Personal Property Appraiser on our staff to insure that your items are priced to generate maximum profit.
  • We arrange for advertising on websites, newspapers, and promote the sale to our estate sale email subscribers.  We also capture local traffic with thoughtfully placed directional signage.
  • At the conclusion of the sale we can clear the house of all remaining items leaving the house empty and broom clean.

Consolidation Tips

Tip: If moving or downsizing make the decision of what items you want to keep. Think about which items will work in your new home and what you would like to sell.

Tip: Some families use a post-it note method. Just place one on the items you want to keep! This makes it visually clear which items you want to keep..